Saturday, 4 June 2011

I’m back fighting for my colours!

APB Defending our Colors


I’ve been in hiatus for a bit. What I was doing and the reasons for it are not secret, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you. I’m just glad to be blogging again……….. it appeases me. Now what exactly does my mostly unmissed absence have to do with the image above and defending our colours? Well nothing actually, who says anything has to be concurrent.

Irrelevant posts aside, I best give you something to nibble on. The image is a screen shot I took from APB Reloaded (All Points Bulletin). A PC title that just recently went into free beta and recently held my attention for the past week. The in game local authorities that just happen to be dubbed CSA, and the graffiti on the walls ironically resonated with an issue currently facing students at my institution of education (I am not endorsing any kind of gun violence to solve the issue). I don’t want to say anymore about the matter, but I will say this: The game’s character, apparel and vehicle customization are quite similar to a project I’m currently working on……oooo cryptic!

Well that’s enough for today, and before you get the idea that the guy in the image was supposed to be me, you are right, he was supposed to but I failed at the modeling the first time around, and you don’t get to be smart about it.