Saturday, 12 November 2011

MSN Travel labels Trinidadian accent as the world’s 4th sexiest accent.


We Trinis have somewhat of a “fat head”. We literally think most things in our little twin isle country is sweeter than anything found elsewhere. This perception include our land, food, music, culture and women. Even the most open minded Trini has this thinking swimming around somewhere in their head. Whether we are 'correct in our delusions' is another story, but our heads certainly don’t need any reason to get bigger.
Well it just might however. According to MSN Travel Canada, the Trinidadian accent is the 4th sexiest accent on earth. Beaten only by Spanish, French and Italian According to them:

This accent is most charming on women for its musicality and singsong quality. If you were to plot the notes of a Trinidadian's speech on a music sheet, they would flit up and down throughout the staff. Even when they're angry, Trinidadians sound sprightly. The accent is chirpy and happy, much like their signature music, calypso and soca. It's a calming and soothing accent that lulls its listeners into submission. If you want to experience the full effects of its hypnotizing charms, check out the annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, which centres around foot-tapping steel pan beats and the good nature of Trinidadians.
Well, Trinidad and Tobago certainly has sex appeal. now if only we could do something about our crime. Read the full list here.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

I’m back fighting for my colours!

APB Defending our Colors


I’ve been in hiatus for a bit. What I was doing and the reasons for it are not secret, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you. I’m just glad to be blogging again……….. it appeases me. Now what exactly does my mostly unmissed absence have to do with the image above and defending our colours? Well nothing actually, who says anything has to be concurrent.

Irrelevant posts aside, I best give you something to nibble on. The image is a screen shot I took from APB Reloaded (All Points Bulletin). A PC title that just recently went into free beta and recently held my attention for the past week. The in game local authorities that just happen to be dubbed CSA, and the graffiti on the walls ironically resonated with an issue currently facing students at my institution of education (I am not endorsing any kind of gun violence to solve the issue). I don’t want to say anymore about the matter, but I will say this: The game’s character, apparel and vehicle customization are quite similar to a project I’m currently working on……oooo cryptic!

Well that’s enough for today, and before you get the idea that the guy in the image was supposed to be me, you are right, he was supposed to but I failed at the modeling the first time around, and you don’t get to be smart about it.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Beware Green Lantern’s Light!


If you know me, you know that I grew up on the stories and illustrations of comics. It was the medium that ignited my artistic spark (heck, I chose Architecture as my career after I created a model of the Batcave and Wayne Manor). So you should understand why any film adaption of comic books excites the 10 year old kid inside me.

When I heard Green Lantern was coming to the big screen, I was of course overly enthused (Thor and Captain America notwithstanding). When I finally saw the initial trailer I thought Warner Brothers and DC made an error in judgment. It seemed that they wanted there own Iron Man movies with all the laughs and “pretty things”. Also, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern seemed like a poor fit, his personality seemed more in tune to that of Wally West (The Flash). I expected a disaster.

Then Wondercon came around and DC showed this footage for the film. It reminded me that we are dealing with a Warner Brothers and DC in a post ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ era.The footage is nothing short of epic. From the trailer we see that the movie will feature the planet of OA, a full Green lantern CORPS inclusive of the Guardians and three villains, Hector Hammond, Parallax and Sinestro (which seem to be following in the foot steps of the Nolan films to include three villains in each film). The most  notable character shown however is Amanda Waller which could hint at tie-ins with future DC movies especially Superman and Justice League.

I am no longer disappointed.


“We are the CORPS!”

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Artist: Makesi Aquan

After my previous post here, a friend asked me whether Project Ninja Slippers was a series or not. So I googled (actually I used Bing because I like those pretty pictures)  and I found the creator’s blog and Facebook page.
As it turns out its not exactly a web series, but Makesi Aquan the creator has released a comic with a total of 7 pages. The comic, he says is meant to be impromptu with no planning involved.

image“So here it is: I’m gonna randomly start doing comic panels...with no pre planning or thought going into it. It might suck, actually, plan on it sucking.”

Well I can safely say it does not suck, but I don’t really get a jist for what’s going on. For instance why does this guy have a wrap for a face? Well I hope he didn’t do all that without good reasoning.

His blog also has a number of slides with his development work. Even this guy’s blog is a bit impressive. It shocked me that he only has 26 fans, such a shame. Well Aquan you have gained one more. You can visit his blog here and like his page here!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Animation: Project Ninja Slippers



Ever come across a YouTube video that deserves more views than it has? That’s exactly what I thought when I came across Project Ninja Slippers Produced by Peas Media and uploaded on Dec 7th 2010 it has gotten a little over 1500 views. I of course felt compelled at an attempt to get this video viral.

Project Ninja Slippers details a boy who was given some supposedly enchanted hand-me-down slippers. The video has a mature anime influenced style with a beautifully chosen color palate and musical score. The parlance is also appropriately chosen, natural Trini dialect. It is another indication of the coming maturity of Trini animation.

So here I am doing my part to promote this wonderful content, please do your part.


Project Ninja Slippers

Monday, 21 February 2011

The Saddest Trailer Ever! – Dead Island

Trailers are meant to intrigue you enough to make you go out and watch the movie, and in the case of video games actually purchase and play through it. Often however trailers either are filed with spoilers or is full of either humor, fear stimuli and adrenaline pumping scenes. That is not the case for the video game Dead Island.

The video showcases a vacationing family, on a zombie infested island. It really touches you, enough so that it may make you consider trying out the game. Well I wont spoil it too much for you, so its best you watch it for yourself. In the mean time I nominate this (along with the rest of the Internet) “The Saddest Trailer ever”, but then again, no body listens to Eingoluq!
The game will be available for Windows, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 later this year.

The Saddest Trailer EVER!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

OwnagePranks prank calls OWNS!



There seems to be nothing more fun than pulling a prank, but making a prank call can always trump that no matter how lame the prank was. Now, before you decide to run with the "Is your fridge running gag?" on your next prank call, you should take a look at OwnagePranks' YouTube channel for inspiration. These guys take it all to the next level. The video below is one of my favorites.


Indian Waxing Salon Prank Call