Saturday, 12 November 2011

MSN Travel labels Trinidadian accent as the world’s 4th sexiest accent.


We Trinis have somewhat of a “fat head”. We literally think most things in our little twin isle country is sweeter than anything found elsewhere. This perception include our land, food, music, culture and women. Even the most open minded Trini has this thinking swimming around somewhere in their head. Whether we are 'correct in our delusions' is another story, but our heads certainly don’t need any reason to get bigger.
Well it just might however. According to MSN Travel Canada, the Trinidadian accent is the 4th sexiest accent on earth. Beaten only by Spanish, French and Italian According to them:

This accent is most charming on women for its musicality and singsong quality. If you were to plot the notes of a Trinidadian's speech on a music sheet, they would flit up and down throughout the staff. Even when they're angry, Trinidadians sound sprightly. The accent is chirpy and happy, much like their signature music, calypso and soca. It's a calming and soothing accent that lulls its listeners into submission. If you want to experience the full effects of its hypnotizing charms, check out the annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, which centres around foot-tapping steel pan beats and the good nature of Trinidadians.
Well, Trinidad and Tobago certainly has sex appeal. now if only we could do something about our crime. Read the full list here.