Sunday, 13 March 2011

Artist: Makesi Aquan

After my previous post here, a friend asked me whether Project Ninja Slippers was a series or not. So I googled (actually I used Bing because I like those pretty pictures)  and I found the creator’s blog and Facebook page.
As it turns out its not exactly a web series, but Makesi Aquan the creator has released a comic with a total of 7 pages. The comic, he says is meant to be impromptu with no planning involved.

image“So here it is: I’m gonna randomly start doing comic panels...with no pre planning or thought going into it. It might suck, actually, plan on it sucking.”

Well I can safely say it does not suck, but I don’t really get a jist for what’s going on. For instance why does this guy have a wrap for a face? Well I hope he didn’t do all that without good reasoning.

His blog also has a number of slides with his development work. Even this guy’s blog is a bit impressive. It shocked me that he only has 26 fans, such a shame. Well Aquan you have gained one more. You can visit his blog here and like his page here!